The Alliance Labs is expanding.

Since our beginning in 2014, The Alliance Labs has built a loyal client base by empowering clients to stay on the leading edge of marketing, sales, communications, experience design, and technology. 

From websites to bespoke integrations and web engagements, we’ve been laser focused on providing excellence in technical execution, exceeding client expectations. Our short- and long-term strategic solutions and spot on execution enables our clients to build their online presence, open new markets, and grow their bottom lines. 

We’re excited to build on that success and formally announce the establishment of:

The Alliance Strategic Group (ASG).

ASG works predominantly with C-suite and their leadership teams to support business and organization strategic planning, including marketing, communication execution, and b2b sales strategy.

Why focus on strategy?

We have seen countless businesses move to the execution of communication elements with their plans not grounded in achieving SMART strategic outcomes, wasting time, money and audience goodwill.

Because buyers are shifting quickly, audiences have never had shorter attention spans and marketing has never been more fragmented.

But we’ll help bring it all together.

As we know, marketers only have four key levers to pull to genuinely grow business. ASG’s best-in-class team draws on our 30+ years of expertise in online and offline sales, offline and digital marketing, communication, experience & brand design to boost the marketing ROI for our clients to put those four levers on steroids:

  • # of leads: The days of leads falling from trees are long gone. We work to identify your ideal customer and then strategize on how to attract them – and only them. Laser focus in marketing ensures higher win rates and faster closes, removing false leads and increasing qualified ones.
  • Not a DTC brand? The right marketing strategy also gives your sellers the packaging, stories, and social proof to clearly communicate your value proposition, so they can increase their win rate as well.
  • Marketing empowered by strategy will shorten time to close by adding the feeling of urgency, FOMO, and proof point reassurance to the sales process, encouraging the buyer to overcome indecision and move ahead with the transaction.
  • Strategically-based brand building programs enable you to build trust that fuels your ability to seek premium pricing, rely less on promotions, and recover during the few times your customer experience is not as expected.
  • Finally, the right strategy will increase the overall deal value by positioning product sets in bundles, selling the value of multi year contracts and even increase your TAM by brainstorming on new products and new markets to open. 

We partner to solve sales & marketing problems before they overwhelm the cost of implementation, and guide long-term sales & performance-marketing initiatives through:

  • Brand Strategy & Performance Marketing
  • Brand Foundational Development Workshops
  • Fractional CMO/CMMO/CIO/CTO
  • Technical & Experience Design & Implementation

We’re excited to begin this new chapter of business. 

But rest assured, the Alliance technical production team continues to help design, build, and maintain the best in digital design, production, and website maintenance.

For more information on how to create comprehensive strategic vision and plan for your business, please reach out to us at:
Call Jon at 312-278-3550