Selling online shouldn’t be difficult, and yet adopting the right strategy can make or break an organization. Is your site responsive?

Over 25% of all eCommerce purchases will be made via mobile. Will your site have accounts or guest checkouts? How up-to-date is your site search function? How will you handle transaction security? How well optimized is your site from not only the position of site performance but also for search engines.

There’s a ton of information that plays into a successful eCommerce strategy that has little to nothing to do with just what you’re selling. Call us now to talk about how we can help bridge the gap from where you are to where you want your sales to be.

Structured Data SEO

The Alliance Labs, in partnership with Smart Data SEO, brings an entirely different approach to SEO. Our approach applies meaning and context to the very code of your site, and in so doing, creates faster, more comprehensive results that you get with most meat-and-potatoes SEO approaches.

The Alliance Labs/Smart Data approach utilizes Semantic markup and the protocols. This yields better long-term results, and are future-proofed against any changes the big search engines might make to their ranking algorithms.

For an in-depth look at our approach, check out our Smart Data guru, Eric Franzon, discuss the Semantic SEO and why it’s a strategy superior to traditional SEO here.

User​ ​Experience

User experience and interface design are foundational practices at The Alliance Labs, and we start thinking about them from the very start of any project. We see UX/UI as a way to have empathy for the client, their goals and their user’s happiness.

The sole purpose of our design efforts are to make the end results usable, engaging, and intuitive. 

WordPress​ ​Development

WordPress is the widest used CMS in the world. Not only are we experts in WordPress development, we teach it at the School of the Alliance Labs.

WordPress​ ​Maintenance

Many times clients have second thoughts about maintaining their new or old WordPress site. Often life just gets in the way and stuff gets missed. Our WP Maintenance team can give you the support you need when you need it. Do you need regular scheduled work/updates/changes done every week? There’s a plan for that. Do you have just the occasional need every few weeks or months? There’s a plan for that, too. Whatever you need to help keep your WP site working for you 24/7.

Marketing​ ​Automation

Creating an environment where prospects or clients perceive the messaging they get from you that is specifically tailored to their needs is easy if you have a handful of them to deal with. But what about 106 clients and 237 prospects? Or 10 times that? Let’s say you want to communicate to your top 10% of clients differently than the rest? Oh, and don’t forget that Mr. Cogswell at Cogswell Cogs has a birthday coming up next week…

That’s where marketing automation comes in. Processing those repeatable, seemingly simple tasks that keep a relationship percolating for you until the next phone call or visit. It sounds simple, but without the right tools and the right strategy it can all go haywire.

Call us today to learn more about how to automate your marketing strategy.

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