Rethinking what it means to be in hair

The Alliance Labs brought a different functionality to Walker’s hair care site, allowing for more breathing room between featured interactions. On the site, users easily identify their hair type to find the best suited product. They can also shop for the products they need, find press and news about the system, and learn more about the mission and company at stake.

The website perfectly represents the brand in the luxurious, striking design. Because Walker’s products and system reach an enhanced level of expertise, the user experience involves complex interaction. The site also introduces the user to HairNation, a network of community blogs and social media meant to bring everyone together to “Make Peace With Our Hair.”

The Andre Walker markets include Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C., while 84% of Andrew Walker Hair units were supported by launch advertising.

The Alliance Labs worked to ease the famous brand’s intricate online platform. In the process, we helped students learn how to make a cyber presence clearer, cleaner, and on-mission.