Case Study – RallyUs


RallyUs is a mobile app that prompts residents of Illinois to register and/or update their voter information. When partnering with Alliance Labs, their hope was to not only make the voting registration process easier but to have a clear and concise data tracking system in place. This system better tracks the accuracy of voter data as well as gives voters the opportunity to report issues they’d like to address in their neighborhoods.

The Challenge

Before RallyUs, the process for field agents to acquire voter information was not digitized. The agents had to go door to door and have voters, registered and prospective, fill out their information and enter the data in later. This was not only a tedious process from a data entry standpoint, but oftentimes there were inaccuracies in the information when sifting through everyone’s handwriting. There also wasn’t a way to track where the agents were when they were out on the field.

The Approach

We knew there was a better was to go about collecting voter information. That’s why decided to take an app-based approach that allows residents of Illinois register and/or update their information in a clear and concise way. Voters can even add notes and report issues in the neighborhood, and issues can be ranked by priority. With an app in place, field agents can go door to door with tablets instead of wasting paper on forms or worrying about the legibility of someone’s handwriting.

The Solution

The RallyUs app is designed to make the voter registration process as seamless as possible. Each section, whether the resident is a new or registered voter, is laid out in a clear and concise manner. The tracking portion of the app shows where the field agents are when on duty, and we are working toward showing the location and data entry happening in real time. We even added an infinite scroll feature when searching for voters. When you press and hold on a voter’s name, it not only shows their data but refreshes with updates. This ensures that there will not only be a higher volume of registered voters, but the information about those voters is accurate and up to date.