On the forefront of automotives

With company culture as top priority, UGN came to The Alliance Labs to better engage and educate potential employees through their web page. We designed a 3D virtual vehicle application that helps visitors and prospective team members understand the depth and value of the firm’s offerings. The site’s new approach also provides context for employee life, celebrating individual entrepreneurship and continuation of personal goals. The company claims that team members entrust their careers to UGN, and this cutting edge website helps make that possible.

The 3D application meets a level of sophistication that is revolutionary for the industry, while the elegant design highlights the video production content on the site. Peter Anthony and other senior management of UGN have enthusiastically approved this improvement. The navigation has proved to be both interesting and sleek, so both user and company satisfaction have improved with these strides.

The Alliance Labs student-mentor marketing model successfully incorporated out-of-the-box thinking with this out-of-the-box company, making a mark on a brand that continues to take risks.