Udayan Das

Udayan is passionate about Education and Workforce Development. He has over 7 years full time teaching experience and has also held positions in Education/Training Program Development and Management. Prior to joining Loyola University Chicago as Instructor of Computer Science and BAIT Program Director, Udayan had a stint of 18 months with icstars where he made Agile/SCRUM development a part-and-parcel of the training curriculum, enhanced the core curriculum through the inclusion of Python School, while building out icstars Residency program through longer term post-cycle projects. His continued interest in Workforce Development and building scalable apprenticeship models for the industry-at-large has brought him close to the mission of Alliance Labs — it helped that Alliance Labs has a close partnership with icstars. Since 2012 he has been a board member with Jane Addams Resource Corporation, a Chicago and Baltimore based Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Training organization. He also serves in an Advisory capacity with the Chicago Center for Arts and Technology (ChiCAT).