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How do I get a job without experience, but how can I get experience without a job?

Year after year of working in digital media production, we saw ambitious and focused young adults overcome great economic adversity by graduating from web development and digital communications training programs. Yet they still struggled to find employment putting their newfound knowledge to practical use.

At the same time, we’ve seen the need for comprehensive digital services grow substantially, and the demand for skilled, creative tech talent has grown in kind.

The Alliance Labs serves both challenges as a “Teaching Agency.” Our mission is to employ and develop emerging technical-creative talent. Our leadership team, with 50+ years of digital production experience, guides and mentors that talent to produce high-value digital content for our partners and clients. Through the work, and with continuous technical training and professional development, our residents create the opportunity to ready themselves for a long and fulfilling career as creative professionals, forging a new future for themselves, their families and community.

Our Team

Jon Schickedanz


Tony V. Le

Technical Director

Heidi Schultz

Project Manager

Udayan Das

Workforce Development

Christina Brown

School Administrator & Front-End Dev.

Jonte Rufus

Front-End Dev

Alma Rosales

Front-End Dev.
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