In the spring of 2015, The Alliance Labs partnered with Tier 1 auto parts manufacturer, UGN. Their original request: Create a website refresh that was contemporary to the competition and easier to manage. After a successful project UGN contracted us as their on-call web maintenance team.

A few months later in late 2015, UGN’s CEO, Peter Anthony, approached us with an exciting opportunity. Could we build a 3D interactive application to illustrate how UGN’s products integrate into a car’s design while highlighting UGN’s brand as a leading edge place to work?

So over the next few months we created a fully interactive 3D module to illustrate the products and their purpose that contribute to UGN’s leadership in the industry.

Pleased with the result, Mr. Anthony ordered a complete redesign of the website to align the UGN digital experience with the new 3D Virtual Vehicle. Our orders were to highlight just how unique a leader UGN is as an employer and an innovator in an industry that impacts millions of people every day.

The Alliance Labs Design Partner and mentor, Kathleen Eva lead the effort to update and simplify the complete site design. We then worked with UGN’s PR team at Arment Dietrich to produce updated and refreshed content and copy. Lastly, where others would have created a boilerplate “about us” video, our media production partner Eric Revels and his team raised the bar and created a compelling, heartfelt narrative that truly captures the energy and optimism available to everyone working at UGN.  Take a look!

The new and improved website officially launched in late January this year. Check it out! We’re proud to have partnered with this extraordinary organization and hope after taking a tour of their new digital experience you come to understand just as we do, how special the people are at UGN and how lucky we are to be on their team.