The first few seconds a user spends on your website is all the time it takes to form an impression of your business. With only eight seconds to make that first impression, your website must have a clear and consistent message that captures users and converts them into leads. This is where a professional web designer comes into play.

Search Engine Optimization

High visibility is the most important factor of a website, otherwise your website will be rendered useless. A DIY website builder – like WIX – is a one-size-fits-all solution. These options are usually not agile enough to keep up with the changes in search engine optimization (SEO) and ultimately will not lead to the same results as a professionally designed website designed by a professional. Ranking high in search engine results is crucial in attracting new business leads and visitors. A good web designer is able to design the back-end of your website in a way that search engines will better respond, i.e., leading to a higher search rank. This is the most effective way to get your page in front of potential customers and ahead of your competition.

Website Management

If you want your website to be a consistent resource for leads then you should regularly be adding and changing your content. A set-it-and-forget-it site won’t perform well to that objective.  This is where having a good web designer can help design and develop not only your website, but also the process you’ll need to manage to keep the site performing at its best. By investing in a professional, you can better utilize the wealth of other features that are necessary for a competitive site; such as faster navigation and load times; optimized images, content and calls-to-action for better engagement. In addition to these benefits, the biggest advantage to working with a professional is the flexibility to transfer your website from one host to another.  Many cheaper all-in-one solutions require you to pay monthly for an extended term and greatly restrict your ability to switch hosting or incorporate 3rd party solutions without having to start all over again from scratch.


The price tag of a do-it-yourself platform may seem tempting; however, it’s not a reasonable solution for businesses that are looking to grow and provide a custom brand experience. A website that will be effective at snagging the short attention span of today’s consumer will be unique, eye catching, easy to navigate, load quickly and work nicely with all major web-browsing platforms. A web pro not only has the skills to design for greatest web functionality but also can help guide your brand seamlessly into the minds of your potential clients.

Other than you, your website is the first experience a potential customer has with your company, your brand and your values. Due to the critical importance of your website, it is no place to cut corners to save pennies when the impact it can have on your brand can be measured in magnitudes. Your website is an investment and can gain business that otherwise might be lost.