We have a few mottos at The Alliance Labs. One of my favorites is “Show Up. Deliver. Give Back.” These seven syllables embody all of our expectations of our students.

Just showing up day after day is not difficult, but it requires a certain maturity, and some don’t even make it past this first challenge. Coupled with the next part, “deliver,” there is a deeper significance. Show up and deliver means: be there on time, ready to go, work posted, laptop ready, pens ready, brain ready, assignment complete, challenge accepted.

It’s the third part, the giving back, that differentiates. The giving-back can happen in a few ways. One way is to teach. At The Alliance Labs each student, during their time with us, must teach a workshop or create a tutorial for their fellow students. Their teachings become part of the ever growing library of The Alliance Labs, but more importantly it gives the student confidence and mastery—two of life’s great motivators. It also looks great in their portfolio.

Show up, deliver, give back. Good advice for any job.

Andrew Hicks,
Director of Education